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We sat down over the last few days as a family and reminisced about Chris. This is a small sample of the very special memories Chris has left us with that we would like to share with you. If I was to include even half of our stories about Chris we would be here til year 2008 and I don't think even Chris would like to keep me talking for that long.


You were such a beautiful baby with your blond hair and your blue eyes. As you started growing up and developed a personality we soon realized you were not only beautiful on the outside but you were beautiful on the inside as well.

We remember your little box of bow ties - you used to change from one to the other all the time. It just kept you so busy as a little Boy.

You were such a little live wire. You were always the life of every party.

They definitely broke the mould when they made you honey.

Just like your Mom and Dad, Louise and Rob you were so kind, so generous and so loving. Everyone that met you fell in love with you instantly.

You were the ultimate people person!!

You made us all feel so special.

Oh, I don't know what we are going to do without you sweetheart!

Whenever our family gets together whether it's for a birthday or Christmas or a camping trip there is always one name you are bound to hear time and time again and it is always said in the same tone... "Chris!!!".

He was just always joking around with or teasing someone and we loved that he did because we knew it was his way of showing us how much he loved us.

Chris loved life and made the most of his time with us.
He loved everyone unconditionally.

There are so many stories we have heard over the last few days of the wonderful things Chris has done for others. But it is the first we hear of these stories because as you know Chris wasn't one to pat his own back. He just did these wonderful things for people because that was who he was and what he did. It just came naturally to him.

It was nothing for Chris to drive for 2 hours or more just to visit someone and make them feel good. Chris always had time for everyone whether you were someone he knew for years or whether you were someone he had just met.

I know I speak for everyone here when I say we all loved you so very much honey. I just don't know how we are going to live without you!

Chris we know you are looking down on us right now sitting up there in your shorts with your feet up eating your KD and drinking a big glass of chocolate milk.

Even though you were only with us for a short time you enriched all our lives. The immense generosity and love you gave everyone gives us all inspiration to be better people.

He always kept himself busy keeping us all entertained. At family gatherings he would spend his time with every one of us.

Chris spent every day like it was his last.

You know how people always say I'll phone you or I'll stop by sometime but they don't seem to find the time. Well, Chris was the kind of guy who always made a point of finding the time!!

Bob's girlfriend Ang was just telling me the other day about how she would sit around with Bob and Chris for countless hours while they talked and yet she could never understand a word they'd say. They seem to have shared their own special little language. Quite the brotherly bond!

Although Chris was too "Manly" to actually say it his actions would always show how incredibly proud he was and will always be of his big brother Bob.

We just wanted to give you a sample of some of the things Chris did for us on a regular basis and especially in the last few weeks:

A couple of weeks ago Chris turned down a night on the town to take out two of his younger cousins, Josee and Sarah. He took them to a chick flick - but of course when Chris referred to it it was a "Manly Movie."

He took Angela to the mall for the afternoon to help her choose the perfect new shoes.

When he heard Krystal and Michael were sick on Thursday he drove all the way out to their house to keep them company and make them laugh. But he didn't stop there - he went on to make supper for them all.

He would pop in to visit Frank, Norman, Ang and Becca at just any old time with loads of food and drink.

Jen spoke to Chris on Tuesday and he was so excited to tell her that he had already bought her birthday present. Of course curious Jen wanted to know what it was. Chris just kind of chuckled and said "it's the kind of gift where the thought you know is better than the actual gift itself. But the gift was simply perfect!!! He gave Jennifer 20 different envelopes, each one containing a gift certificate so she could get herself a coffee and a bagel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Christmas when she gets back from her internship at Meath Park School. It just shows how much time and effort he would put into picking out the perfect gift for anyone.

On Friday night Chris prepared an early Birthday supper for his big sister Jen. He didn't spare any expense, he even went out and bought a new wok in order to make her a delicious stir fry with all the trimmings. He invited the rest of the crew to make it a perfect and memorable evening for them all.

While making Jen's special birthday supper as if he wasn't busy enough Chris found the time to phone his Uncle JP. JP told Chris "You are so wonderful Chris for of all the things you do for your family and friends." JP told Chris "When you die you are definitely going to heaven!!" And Chris said "Ah don't worry Uncle JP I'll open the back door and sneak you in!!!" Well we hope you'll sneak the rest of us in too Chris just so we can all be with you again.

Just the other day Chris and his Mom were talking about angels as Chris was cooking their breakfast. Chris said to his Mom "You know Mom I'm not an angel I'm just the one who hands out the halos."

Well Chris today we don't want to just give you a halo we want to ask you to be our very own Saint Christopher and watch over us all.
Eulogy by Barb Ward (Chris' Aunt)
Funeral Reflection