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June 29, 2006 "In Memorium"
June 29, 2006
"In Memorium"
We miss you so much,
More than you will ever know,
22 you would have been today,
If you didnít have to go.
Thank you for being the wonderful person you were,
For being there whenever someone needed help,
Making us smile and seeing the lighter side of things,
And for being that fun loving carefree spirit that you were.
You were an angel among us,
As you constantly thought of others and gave of yourself unselfishly.
You were never so busy as to miss out on life's fun offerings,
You taught us all many things,
And we thank you.
Thanks for all the great memories.
You were an awesome son, brother, and friend.
Thank you for that.
You are forever in our hearts, and always, always will be.
The beep of your horn and your thumbs up,
Your beautiful smile and twinkle in your eyes,
We'd do anything to see you again.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity,
Your spontaneity and vibrancy,
Your enthusiasm and zest for life.
You were someone who made our world a brighter and better place.

Love you Chris
Until we meet again
Love Mom and Dad, Bob and Ange, Jen and Kelly
Chris Roy
June 29, 1984 Ė November 05, 2005

In loving memory on your birthday
Published in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, June 29, 2006
In loving memory of our beloved son and brother
Christopher Duncan Roy born June 29, 1984

We miss our time together,
We wish you weren't so far away,
We miss your laughter and your smile,
And all the things you used to say!
So until we are together,
We just want you to know,
That we're thinking of you always,
And oh, how we miss you so!

Happy Birthday Chris
Forever missed but never forgotten
Loving you always, Mom and Dad, Bob and Ange, and Jen and Kelly
Chris Roy
June 29, 1984 - November 5, 2005
Published in TCF June - July - August 2006, Newsletter
Nov 5, 2006
"In Memorium"
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"In Memorium"
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"In Memorium"