Chris' Challenge Cup VIlI - 3 on 3
Hockey Tournament - Feb 16, 2013
The Chris Roy Challenge Cup 3 on 3 hockey tournament will be held in Prud'homme Saskatchewan on Saturday February 16, 2013. This year marks the 8th year of this annual hockey tournament.

Enter a team or enter as a player and we'll find a team for you to play on. For more information please contact JP at (306) 654-2073 or email

It was a great tournament in 2006 through 2012 with a wonderful turnout. Eight teams participated in each year of this three-on-three hockey tournament. It brought friends and family together to visit and play a game that Chris loved. People also bowled and played cards and the day ended with a wonderful meal.
Hockey Tournament: Feb 4/06
Hockey Tournament: Feb 17/07
Hockey Tournament: Feb 23/08
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